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The Australian National University

Project documents for Proposed Demolition and Landscape Works of Old Administration Area, ANU

Structural assessment
0 Full submission document (pdf 3.55MB)
1 Information request from Department of Environment (pdf 1.65MB)
2 Detailed site survey (pdf 715KB)
3 Options analysis - Building 3H (pdf 235KB)
4.1 Design statement (pdf 48KB)
4.2 Drawings cover page (pdf 388KB)
4.3.0 Existing conditions (North) (pdf 228KB)
4.3.1 Existing conditions (South) (pdf 271KB)
4.4.0 Demolition plans (North) (pdf 225KB)
4.4.1 Demolition plans (South) (pdf 325KB)
4.5.1 General arrangements (North) (pdf 469KB)
4.5.2 General arrangements (South) (pdf 1.01MB)
4.6.1 Grading plan (North) (pdf 355KB)
4.6.2 Grading plan (South) (pdf 668KB)
4.7.1 Planting plan (North) (pdf 271KB)
4.7.2 Planing plan (South) (pdf 929KB)
4.8 Sections (pdf 1.61MB)
4.9 Details (pdf 260KB)
4.10 Structures (pdf 717KB)
5 Additional heritage advise (2013) (pdf 75KB)
6 Heritage interpretation strategy (2012) (pdf 2.49MB)
7 Heritage impact assessment (2012) (pdf 2.95MB)
8 Interpretation design statement (2013) (pdf 48KB)
9.1 Heritage architectural input (2013) (pdf 555KB)
9.1.1 Heritage architectural input (2013) (pdf 705KB)
9.2 Structural assessment (pdf 1.03MB)
10.1 Building audit report (pdf 416KB)
10.2 Hydraulics audit report (pdf 4.77MB)
10.3 Electrical report (pdf 429KB)
10.4 Hazardous materials audit (pdf 775KB)
11.1 Tree assessment (pdf 211KB)
11.2 Tree assessment addendum (pdf 46KB)
12 Tree management plan (pdf 152KB)
13 Space audit (pdf 210KB)
14 Facilities audit (pdf 57KB)
15 Draft construction and environmental management plan (pdf 20KB)
16 Hazardous materials management plan - contents page example (pdf 25KB)
17 Draft outline - site audit report (pdf 20KB)

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