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The Australian National University

Heritage study - ANU Acton Campus, volume 2 - individual building inventories

ANU Cartography Section, 1954 - Photo taken in Old Hospital Buildings (Source: ANU Archives)

Volume 2 of the ANU Acton Campus Heritage Study (pdf 42MB) was completed by ANU Heritage using templates designed by GML Heritage and includes an introductory report and inventories for ANU. The inventories cover all buildings and significant spaces on the campus. Please note these inventories will be updated as changes occur on the campus and as more information becomes available.

View individual inventories, by selecting the building number/names below. Please note that some buildings are grouped and may not be in numerical order.

Building no. Building name
1 University House (pdf 657KB)
2 RG Menzies Building (pdf 354KB)
3 & 4 Old Administration Area (pdf 814KB)
5 & 6 & 7 College of Law (pdf 459KB)
8, 9, 130 HC Coombs Extension, HC Coombs Building, Hedley Bull Building (pdf 516KB)
10 Chancelry (pdf 373KB)
11 Pauline Griffin Building (pdf 805KB)
12, 13 & 14 Melville Hall, Beryl Rawson Building, AD Hope Building (pdf 816KB)
15 JB Chifley Library (pdf 1.07MB)
16 ANU Arts Centre (pdf 551KB)
17, 20 Concessions Building and ANU Union Building (pdf 803KB)
18, 19 University Health Services and Counselling Centre, Centre David Cocking Buildings (pdf 673KB)
21 - 27 Arts and Economics (Hanna Neumann, Haydon Allen, Copland, HW Ardnt, LF Crisp, Manning Clark, Pap Moran, John Dedman Buildings) (pdf 857KB)
29 Drill Hall Gallery (pdf 742KB)
30 Toad Hall (pdf 715KB)
31 - 32 Ian Ross Building, Engineering Building (pdf 576KB)
33 - 36 Research School of Chemistry (Chemistry Building, Spectrometer, Arthur Hambly Theatre, Birch Building, Craig Building, RSC Lecture Theatre) (pdf 773KB)
38 & 39 Physics Buildings, Psychology Building (pdf 913KB)
40 Bruce Hall (pdf 606KB)
42, 44, 103 & 116 Peter Baume Building, Banks Building, Field Teaching Store, Gould Wing & Native Animal Facility (pdf 678KB)
43 & 122 WK Hancock Building, West and East Wings (pdf 718KB)
45 John Yenken Building (pdf 511KB)
46 RN Robertson Building (pdf 713KB)
47 & 133 DA Brown Building, Wes Whitten Building (pdf 1.00MB)
48, 141 Forestry Building, Frank Fenner Building (pdf 559KB)
49 Burton and Garran Halls (pdf 777KB)
50 Ursula Hall and Laurus Wing (pdf 497KB)
51 John XXIII College (pdf 527KB)
52 Burgmann College (pdf 477KB)
53 Central Store - University Printing Services (pdf 1.42MB)
54, 131 John Curtin School of Medical Research A & B Wings, JCSMR (pdf 621KB)
55 High Performance Super Computer - National Computational Infrastructure (pdf 592KB)
56 - 60, 84 Research School of Physics and Engineering (Cockcroft, Le Couteur, Oliphant, Applied Mathematics, Leonard Huxley, Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ion Accelerator, Erich Weigold, John Carver Building, Cockcroft Oliphant Link Buildings) (pdf 1.19MB)
61, 113, 125 Research School of Earth Sciences (OHB Administration Block, Jaeger Buildings 1-8, Shrimp III) (pdf 923KB)
61A-64, 86, 97 Old Hospital Buildings (Old Hospital Building Administration Block (RSES), Centre for Population Health and Epidemiology - M Block & Extension, Centre for Mental Health Research - N Block, Extension & Transportables, ANU Gardeners Depot, Gardeners Cottage, University General Store, Mills Rd Tennis Court and Tennis Canteen, PCB Store) (pdf 802KB)
65 - 71, 93 Balmain Crescent and Liversidge Street Cottages (14 Balmain Cres, 16 Balmain Cres, 18 Balmain Cres, 22 Balmain Cres, 26 Balmain Cres, 28 Balmain Cres, 1 Liversidge St, 3 Liversidge St, 5 Liversidge St, 7 Liversidege St, 12 Balmain Cres, National Europe Centre, 30 Balmain Cres, Winston Churchill Trust & 9 Liversidge St) (pdf 689KB)
73 Crawford School of Public Policy/Old Canberra House Complex (Old Canberra House, Chauffeur's Cottage, Garden Shed, Gardener's Cottage, Tennis Court & Pavilion, Crawford School Extension, WEH Stanner Building) (pdf 792KB)
75 Lennox House Complex (pdf 770KB)
76 Acton Underhill (Tunnel) (pdf 1.05MB)
77, 77A Brian Lewis Crescent Houses and University Accommodation Services (pdf 856KB)
78 Liversidge Court Apartments (pdf 421KB)
79 Native Animal Enclosure & Section 86 (pdf 497KB)
80 21 Balmain Cres (pdf 1.19MB)
81 14 Liversidge Street (pdf 733KB)
82 Boat Shead and Gardener's Soil Yard (pdf 506KB)
83 Field Sciences Facilities (pdf 565KB)
94 International Sculpture Park & Native Grasslands (pdf 724KB)
95 Fulton Muir Building (pdf 486KB)
99, 106 & 109 Parking Stations (pdf 408KB)
100 School of Music (pdf 703KB)
105 School of Art (pdf 685KB)
108 & 115 Computer Science and Informtion Technology and Research School of Information Sciences Buildings (pdf 806KB)
110 & 127 Baldessin Precinct Building & Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (pdf 633KB)
117 Hugh Ennor Building (pdf 654KB)
118 Graduate House (pdf 679KB)
120 Sir Roland Wilson Building (pdf 953KB)
124 Innovations Building (pdf 515KB)
126 Judith Wright Court (pdf 804KB)
SITE Ovals and Sports Pavillions (pdf 699KB)
SITE Sullivan's Creek (pdf 622KB)
SITE University Avenue (pdf 1.08MB)

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